Southern Africa. The antecedent for our work in Africa was a prayer seminar in July 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine, attended by Enoch Mulomba, a medical college student from Zambia. During the seminar, he gave rapt attention, taking careful notes in his workbook. His interest was reflected in his countenance so I was not surprised when he asked if Sue and I would bring the prayer seminar to Zambia when he set up his practice in Ndola. Of course, we said “yes!”  Off to Africa, we went!

       Out of those August 1996 Zambia seminars came seminars in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, and Namibia. In 1998, prior to the trip to South Africa, the Holy Spirit indicated that God was going to do a “new thing” with our ministry and I so informed our Doorkeepers not knowing what it would be. It was to form the J. Gordon Henry Ministries—Southern Africa Branch with Leslie Motsalane, the director. Year after year, our major focus has been on southern Africa. Leslie reports that several million people have been touched by prayer seminars. We literally have covered every province in South Africa, concentrating on churches in black townships. Through the giving of the Doorkeepers, we provided an office in Welkom, Free State, for Leslie and basic office equipment (desks, chairs, computer, phone), and a vehicle (Volkswagon mini-bus), and workbooks. 

       It was decided in 2008 that Leslie was in a position to continue the prayer seminar ministry without help from JGHM. Satan, of course, did not like that and the challenge has been great. The mini-bus has to have a new engine (with work done in Port Elizabeth), a new gearshift, and new tires. Leslie has asked for our help and requested that I resume the annual visits. Based on the investment we have made in South Africa ($149,000 conducting seminars and $51,000 in monthly support, I must go. Since 1996, I have spent 236 days in Southern Africa and have traveled internally 304,963 miles.   

       Mark your prayer calendar. The dates are August 12-30. The budget has been established at $12,900 (international travel, domestic travel, lodging, food for participants, publicity, Soetho  prayer seminar workbooks and pens). Due to the minibus repairs, the financial need is tremendous. Leslie believes that the minibus, once repaired, will be good for another five years. We must help him.

       Seminars are scheduled in .QwaQwa, Harrismith, Bethlehem, Kestell, Ficksburg, Ladybrand, Clocolan, Bloemfontein, Botshabelo, Hoopsted, Wessellsbrong, and Welkom. Leslie’s goal is to set aside one week a month of his busy schedule (he is pastor of a large, growing church) to conduct prayer seminars. Thanks for helping! 


ü    First seminars in Southern Africa-Zambia 1996.
ü    Seven nations: Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique
      Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia
ü    # Seminars – 131 + seminars conducted by Leslie
ü    1998, JGHM—Southern Africa Branch established
ü    Total days for Southern African work: 236
ü    Total miles traveled: 304,963
ü    Financial Investment
1.   Total: $200,748.93 (contributions $165,748.93 plus $35,000 from our general fund).
2.   For seminars: $149,423.12
3.   JGHM—SA Branch monthly support: $51,325.81

 “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)

ü    August 12-30, 2011
ü    Itinerary in South Africa--Free State: QwaQwa, Harrismith, Bethlehem, Kestell, Ficksburg, Ladybrand, Clocolan, Blkemfontein, Botshabelo, Hoopsted, Wesselsbrong, and Welkom.

ü    Projected Budget—$12,900
•    International travel        $1,400
•    Planning/Publicity            1,000
•    Van repairs                   5,000
•    Lodging/Food                 1,500
•    Internal travel                  2,000
•    Workbooks                    2,000

ü    Goals: 
1.    Support Leslie Motsalane’s efforts to provide seminars and go to Southern Africa, as needed.
2.    Mobilize long-term financial backing for Leslie’s work.. Due to the demands for funds to continue prayer seminars in other nations, we   have been unable to achieve this goal.
3.    Although we have witnessed hundreds of professions of faith, our primary purpose is to equip believers to become prayer warriors, including praying for laborers for their own nation (Matthew 9:35-38). Many of the churches we have worked with in southern Africa are led by pastors who have no formal education. Many have indicated that the basic material that we have in the prayer seminar workbook, supplemented by the instruction given during a prayer seminar, has been invaluable to their ministries.


Botswana: “God taught me that there is much help in the Bible to guide my prayer life. I have learned that I must be specific when I want God’s hand to move in order for Him to answer specifically. I have learned how to confess my sins and how to walk in the Spirit—which I intend to do the rest of my life. I will teach others.”

Lesotho: “God has opened my spiritual mind and given me spiritual insights to understand His Word to fulfill my potential in the power of the Holy Spirit. I have learned that prayer is to the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. I plan to do the prayer work for my family, my church, and my country.”

Mozambique: “Since I became a preacher, I have never received a study like this. From today, I know the purpose and power of prayer. I ha ve learned things that I did not know about the Holy Spirit, about the different elements of prayer, and how to pray and read my Bible. I am eager to teach my people.”

Namibia: “I have learned to pray in ways that I did not know before. I have learned that I am to ask God’s hand to move for myself (petition) and for others (intercession). This is God’s way and has been His plan from the beginning. I will make prayer priority and will organize my life around prayer. I will teach others.”

South Africa:  “God opened my eyes and my mind about prayer. Now I know how to pray and how to have my prayers answered. You taught us things we have never heard. God bless you and Miss Sue. I’ll certainly dive into God’s Word and pray as daily priorities.”

Swaziland: “God taught me so many practical things about prayer that I cannot name them all. He taught me that my I am to pray about everything, but my motive must be His glory. Even if I use the name Jesus many times, there will be no answer if my motive is not right. I have learned how to be clean and what true confession of sin is. I will use the ideas about praising God for who He is—His attributes, His essence, and His character. I am ready to give myself to prayer!”

Zambia: “God has opened my eyes. I now know the importance of prayer and if I don’t pray, it is a sin against God. I will avoid hindrances, which I now know. God has reminded me to put first things first and set my priorities right. He has illuminated me from the inside about my prayer life.”






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