May 3—22, 2012

      Since that infamous civil war following the last election, we have received frequent communication from brothers and sisters in Kenya. The following are statements that I have pulled out of recent e-mails allow us to keep the proper focus on what we can continue to do to help—not only in Kenya, but other nations as well.
       “Our country needs healing after being deeply fractured by the post-election violence in 2006.” “Kenya needs a lot of prayer    work.” “What you have done is to teach us how we can mobilize prayer warriors and how to train them in this vital work.”  “Through the Swahili Prayer Seminar Workbook, you have provided materials in an easily read format to teach and follow—materials that bring the Bible alive.”
       May 3—22 are the 2012 dates for ministry in Kenya. Beginning on Saturday, May 5, the first of sixteen prayer seminars will be conducted in Total, three hours west of Nairobi. Then a seminar is scheduled for the next fifteen days in each of the following localities located in West Kenya: Timboroa, Bruntforest, Cheptieret, Kiambaa, Eldoret West, Kipkarren, Turbo, Jua Kali, Iten, Ziwa, Kapsabe, Langas, Chekinioiyo, and Eldoret. Among the items for your prayer list, please include traveling safety, physical stamina and a measure of health for both me and my interpreter, receptive and alert minds for the participants, and for freedom for the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work that will bring God the Father and Jesus the Son great glory. Since he accepted the call of God to conduct prayer seminars, Martin Shikuku, pastor, Glory Baptist Church, Eldoret, has faithfully done an exemplary job. Keep him, his family, and his congregation on your lips in prayer.

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